English introduction

Dear student,
Dear sympathizer,

Minos Gent is a student movement from Ghent in the Flemish tradition of student movements. Our goal is to promote European citizenship and to make students more aware of Europe’s growing influence on daily life. Minos Gent is totally independent from any political party.

To reach our goal we organise a large variety of activities for the students in Ghent. Some try to improve the knowledge about Europe or the European institution, others focus on a political problem. And – of course – there are activities that intend to let students enjoy the rich cultural diversity of Europe. More specific this can go from a debate or lecture to a concert, film showing and more.

Another important aspect of our organisation is international exchange. A true European feeling can only grow when one knows people from all over Europe. This is why we cooperate with students from across Europe to bring Minos to universities all over Europe. Together with those (independent) branches we organise international activities. This way we give our members a chance to get to know students as well as their cities all over Europe.

Furthermore we of course don’t forget about the typical student movement activities. Our members can expect activities like a short trips, parties, a quiz and much more.

Everyone is welcome at our activities of which some are in English. So feel free to drop by! If you have any questions, would like to start a local branch in your own student city or just would like to get more information, feel free to contact someone from our board. Or send an e-mail to info@minosgent.eu.